About Us

Streaming Magazine was one of the top streaming agency in USA founded in the year 2016 with the simple mission to help the brands in our backyard in order to connect with the human customers more humanly. In order to understand the streaming market in USA, we analyzed the multi-platform behavioral data of USA consumers with respect to a selection of video streaming sites and mobile applications. Highly evolved video streaming technology and the high attention to quality of experience across various devices and platforms make Streaming Magazine one of the top streaming agency in USA for over the top (OTT) video consumers. With the help of our streaming devices you can watch movies and TV shows that you love to watch.Our easy filter system permits you to see only what is important to you.We serve clients across different parts of USA, UAE as well as UK and strive to endow contemporary streaming services to our clients. Some of the top features of streaming magazine are –

Seamless Video Playback– Our adaptive video streaming technology ensures the best possible video quality is played back automatically based on the available bandwidth, thus making it a great video experience both on mobile networks as well as on Wi-Fi internet connections.

Smart Search – Content search on streaming magazine has been optimized to reduce complexity and delay in accessing content. Accurate search results with lightning fast autocomplete suggestions navigate the users to video with negligible navigation friction and ease of use.

Friendly User Interface – Content organization on streaming magazine is a result of a thoughtful user experience approach and strong design principles that ensure that the user is not overwhelmed with the breadth of content available. Using a mix of algorithms and human curation, users at any stage of their interaction with streaming magazine will discover content and see their experience evolve with their interaction patterns over time.